WEB-based project. © 2013

The web-based project DefragNews is an exploration of an unsustainable information scenario, in which a definable amount of not-always-compatible pieces of information is used to maintain an uninterrupted and unrepeatable flow of information. The project is an attempt at creating a kind of distilled flow of information, offering a the viewer/user the chance of getting a new perspective on the relevance of information. Although having a similar structure to conventional media portals, such as CNN’s or BBC’s, it offers an seemingly orderly blend of real-time news, gathered from various types of sources. Our brains tend to acquire patterns of behaviour over time and we have learned to put things in order, so we can perceive information even when it is being broadcast in a chaotic way. Our information culture has got to point of creating new content from perused and outdated information or even data structures. The media channels are wrapping old material in new patterns. The purpose of such overwhelming abundance of information structures is to maintain a steady flow of information. When there is an error in print, news or on television, we—the users—no longer question the reliability of the information, but prefer composing a new image from all the senses affected and—relying on nothing more than the probability that the information is true—we accept any piece of information as reliable or even truthful.