Modux 3.4

Interactive installation, Kassel Kunsttempel and Lentos Museum Ars electronica linz. © 2008 / 2009

The Modux 3.4 project might be defined as a dynamic formula in which the relation among unknowns is determined by the pattern of dynamic schemes of various complex movement systems of organisms and relational elements – the characteristic movement dynamics brings forth comparable forms and shapes. Thus we might compare the movement pattern of microorganisms (paramecia or bacteria) and that of people in certain urban environment. The project is not only a cybernetic experiment but also addresses the question of hermetical artistic interpretation detached from the perception of the observer. This project is an attempt at integrating the observer into the very core of the composition making him an upgrade and an essential component of a work of art.

025 modux 3_4 ars electronica 2008