Nano Plotter

Multimedia installation, plotter, corn flower, computer and metal construction. © 2010

In this project, an obsolete machine normally used for technical drawings, has been adapted for an unusual purpose. The device is programmed and adapted to draw on cornflower, the table is equipped by vibrating system that cancel the drawing when is finished. The robotic hand of the plotter and the noise it makes while working create a strange atmosphere. At the same time the plotter becomes a performer, telling a story and giving it its own peculiar rhythm. In this fictional world, two characters talk about nano particles as their living space. They dont understand the situation; apparently they have been created by chance and for a very short time. The performance created by the device can be also perceived like a video project, it has all the properties such as precise time line, the content and the sound. Through an unusual narrative, Nanoplot is an attempt to explore a still unknown space-time dimension: the nano world. A world made of particles that can be manipulated only using special microscopes (such as the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope STM, or the Atomic Force Microscope AFM) with a needle as big as a carbon molecule and able to move nano particles.