Multimedia instalation with software, video, photo and tracking system device © 2008/2010

Trackeds is the research of different dynamics of movement and topographical structures in the town. The framework is composed by the records of different locations and points of hyper-dynamic situations. The result is an explaining of a nonlinear equation that represents a chaotic movement of modules and self-organizing structures in certain situations. Artists are analyzing the process of how to construct a visual work, in particular bidimensional space with different layers.. Instead of a personal or subjective interpretation of a certain phase in their process, they prefer to automate some activities with different commands and mathematical equations. For this project BridA wrote a special software application to trace people and objects in the streets. The visual composition is a still image combined with the software graphic application representing traced object and subjects, all graphic applications and images are controlled by the software running on open-source operating system.

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